Oxford Builders Inc. began operating as a general contractor in 1996. This was well before the real focus of the company was established.  By 1998, Oxford was a true door and hardware installation subcontractor creating a revenue of approximately a million dollar in sales a year.

We maintained the million-dollar mark for several years, but it was hard to cross.   However, once we achieved 1.2 million in sales, 1.8 came quickly.  We are now a solid five million dollar a year company with high projections for growth in the coming years.

​During the first years of business, we specialized in the installation of doors and hardware with very little competition.   As competition grew in our expertise, we had to look into other carpentry ventures to keep our sales up. ​

In the early years of 2000, we started installing roof blocking and interior blocking.  As we took on more work, our customers would ask us, "Can you do this", or “Can you do that?” Our answer was “Yes, we can”!

We were able to obtain multiple contracts because we trained our craftsmen.  Craft training is expensive, but we believe that both the employees and the company benefit greatly. We strive to invest in each of our employees to enrich their lives both professionally and personally.

We currently work for the largest contractors in Houston. We are proud of the friendships and quality works that we’ve built over the years and we intend to keep these relationships at the heart of our business.

Company Values

Integrity - Doing things right the first time.
Quality - Ensuring that we use the best materials and properly train our team.
Safety - Finishing jobs without incidents. Ensuring our employees are safe.
Investment - In our employees and in our community. 




The following values guide every decision we make:




*High-Quality Work

*Investing – In Our Employees and Community