Build Your Career

At OXFORD, we truly care about our employees. When you join our team, you join our family! Together, we have built beautiful projects all over Texas that have stood the test of time.

Our promise to our employees:

  1. Provide the safest work environment
  2. Treat all employees fairly and with respect
  3. Provide each employee with a means of personal advancement

We provide opportunities to grow and learn through:

  • Mentoring/Apprenticeship Program
  • Training
  • Networking Events
  • Seminars
  • Certifications
  • Participation in Special Projects
  • Management Track
  • Promotion Opportunities

We are always looking for high quality employees that can grow with our company! Below are the Key Positions within Oxford:

Let us help you BUILD something you are proud of!

At OXFORD, our carpenters are Masters in their trade but they didn’t start out that way! No experience is not a problem! We have an extensive training program for those interested in becoming a sought-after Master carpenter.   

For those candidates with experience, we will rank you based upon your skill level and years of experience.   Link to the Field Level Ranking

Fast paced, problem solving, high communication and strong management is the combination for success!

The Project Manager role is instrumental in ensuring that project stays on time and on budget while maintaining the highest quality in the industry.This is a fast paced role with 75% travel to the job sites. Experience in the field provides an advantage to be able to make appropriate judgement calls while at a client location. 

Please see the Job Description for more details.

If you like details, complexity and problem solving, this is the perfect job for you!

Everything starts with the estimator, and that's why this role is so critical to the organization. At OXFORD, our estimators have more than just a degree, they think outside of the box, they are methodical and take pride in what they do. Come join this winning team!

Please see the Job Description for more details.

The numbers tell a story and help us make good business decisions.

The accounting department helps ensure compliance, timely payables and receivables. They provide expert reporting and work closely with the entire team! 

Please see the Job Description for more details.




The following values guide every decision we make:




*High-Quality Work

*Investing – In Our Employees and Community